Patmos Island Chora

Patmos Island Town (also known as Chora in Greek)

Patmos Town is completely unlike anything you are used to as a settlement in the Aegean. Certainly there is beautiful countryside on all the Greek Islands, but the countryside of Patmos Island is different. First of all the center of Patmos Town is dominated by the huge castle that protects the sacred Monastery of St. John the Divine.

Patmos Island town Chora

The reason that forced the monks to build such a solid structure is obvious as the Monastery was founded in very difficult times. Pirates and various Aegean conquerors coveted not only the spiritual essence but other treasures too.

Around the wall of the Monastery has developed the Town of Patmos (Chora). Here are mingled together old magnificent mansions and most humble homes. But all have the same common characteristics. Their architectural details are in full harmony with the sacred Monastery. This nowadays has been restored with respect to most of the homes in Patmos Town and so the entire town of Patmos is balanced as a whole. From any angle Patmos Town fills you with awe. It is worth a walk along the narrow streets and to visit the Monastery as there are sights to behold around every corner.

The front of Patmos Town offers a wonderful view of the Monastery of the Apocalypse, Skala and the northeastern side of the island. From here the visitor can enjoy beautiful moments when the Sun rises. While from the back there is the stunning view of the area of Petra (Rock) and of Prophet Elias, the highest peak of Patmos Island, and from this side you can admire wonderful sunsets.

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