Patmos Island Towns & Villages

Information about visiting the Capital City, the Towns and Villages of Patmos Island

Patmos Island is a small island with an intense terrain. Historically the residential character of Patmos Island was defined by the Monastery of St. John the Theologian as the whole island belonged under the property of the Monastery, even today it holds a large portion of the land.

Patmos Island Towns Villages

The two largest settlements of Patmos Island are Skala (which is the Port of Patmos Island) and Patmos Town also known as Chora that is built around the Castle-Monastery of Saint John the Theologian. There are several villages and cottages scattered around the island inland and along the coasts, while two more villages are also of importance. The coastal villages of Grikos and Kambos which consists of Pano Kambos (Upper Kambos) built in lush hills and Kato Kambos (Lower Kambos) stretching along the beach.

Patmos Island Town - Chora

Patmos Town is completely unlike anything you are used to as a settlement in the Aegean. Certainly there is beautiful countryside on all the Greek Islands, but the countryside of Patmos Island is more

Patmos Island Skala

Skala is the only port and the centre of Patmos Island. Here are all the public services and most of the shops on the island. From here the visitor can start more

Patmos Island Grikos Village

Grikos is the fourth largest settlement of Patmos Island. It is a beautiful village, which has rapidly evolved into a tourist village. The changes that occur year after more

Patmos Kampos Village

Kambos is one of the four major settlements of Patmos Island. Pano Kambos (Upper Kambos) is a village that extends into the low hills. While Kato more