Petra Beaches

A complete Guide of Patmos Island Beaches

The area of Petra (Rock) has wonderful scenery. A wide, loose tongue of sand and gravel leads you to the small headland where the rock of Petras dominates and is also known by the name Kalikatsou. Petra Beach starts to the right and is organized with umbrellas and sun beds.

Petra Beaches

Petra Beach has pebbles on the coast and in the sea. At the back of the beach there is a salt pit while across the wide area of Petra there are three more beaches. On the beach there is also a Canteen.

The other two Petra Beaches

Petra Red Rocks Beach

Just off the downhill road leading to the area of Petra, the Red Rocks Beach is the first beach that you will come across on your right. Located more

Petra Beach with Tamarisk trees

Continuing towards the vicinity of Petra after the Red Rocks Beach, there is a beach with large Tamarisk trees and tavernas at the rear of more