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Patmos Island is connected to the Port of Piraeus. You have to go to Gate E1 where the Ships depart for the Dodecanese Islands and Patmos Island. Gate E1 is located at the right edge of the Port of Piraeus. Patmos Island has an issue with the ferries timetables and the tickets so it would be wise to plan ahead and get your tickets several days before your journey, especially at peak times. Unfortunately in the winter there are no solid ferry timetables for Patmos Island, while in the summer the situation is improved somewhat.

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Patmos Island Local Ferry Routes

Patmos Island is connected by daily Ferry Routes to the Dodecanese Islands and the nearby Lipsi Islands, while there is also a Flying Dolphin route that connects Patmos Island to Samos Island.

Patmos Island Air Routes

A good alternative approach to Patmos Island is to travel to a nearby island by airplane (Samos and Leros Islands are ideal for this situation) and from there to take a Ship or a Flying Dolphin to Patmos Island. Consider this idea in your travel plans. Patmos Island however has a helipad for VIPs and the emergency services.