Holy Christodoulos of Patmos Island

Information about the life of the founder of the Holy Monastery of Patmos Island

The founder of the Monastery of Patmos Island was born in Nice of Bithynia in Asia Minor in 1020 and his name was originally John. His parents Theodore and Anna were devout Christians and little John was brought up with the ideals of Christianity. He was quickly drawn to a solitary life and lived as a hermit on Mount Olympus in Bithynia and renamed himself Christodoulos ("slave of Christ" in Greek). Later he travelled to many places such as Rome, Palestine and North Africa.

Holy Christodoulos of Patmos Island

He became the Abbot of the famous Lavra Monastery of Stylos on the mountain of Latros near to Miletus in Asia Minor. Ever since then he became known as "Latrinos". In those years the Turks had conquered the area and therefore Christodoulos was forced to leave. He wandered and founded monasteries in Halicarnassus and on Kos Island.

In 1088 he requested concession of Patmos Island from the Byzantine Emperor Alexius I Comnenos to create one of the most important pilgrimages of Christendom. The island on which one of the texts of the New Testament was written. He arrived with the brotherhood on the island in August 1088 and began the reconstruction of the Monastery of Patmos and the transformation of the Cave of the Apocalypse into a sacred place.

The difficulties were numerous due to frequent pirate raids and disputes among the monks. So once again Christodoulos fled to Euboea in Greece where he died in 1093. His relics were transferred later to the Monastery of Patmos Island. Christodoulos by his life and work inspired commendable monks who gave the Holy Monastery of Patmos Island its current Global attraction. A celebration in his honour is held on 21st October and on 16th March.

Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian on Patmos Island

The Holy Monastery of Patmos was founded by Holy Christodoulos. During the reign of Arabic influence, Patmos Island was almost a deserted island. In 1088 a gifted and educated monk called Christodoulos otherwise known as ‘Latrinos’...read more