Patmos island Greece. A complete guide for Patmos Island in Greece

Welcome to a complete Travel Guide where you can find all the information about Patmos Island. In Patmos is presented as a geographical, cultural and religious unity through original articles and photographs.

Patmos Island Greece. A complete travel guide for Patmos Island in Greece

Patmos Island Port Skala from Choras Traditional Windmills

We want to offer you a distinctive tool of knowledge for Patmos Island, encyclopaedic and useful either when planning or during your visit to the island. Patmos has a unique beauty that manages to perfectly combine its features; those which make it stand out among the Greek Islands.

The most important element of Patmos is certainly its spirituality, as the Cave of the Apocalypse and the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian has shaped the island’s character. But apart from this dominant element in its spirit Patmos is a lovely Aegean island with amazing natural beauties among them some stunning beaches.

Of course Patmos has the privilege of being one of the few places in the world that someone can feel the presence of Divinity so strongly and that is precisely what most of the visitors are looking for. While on the other hand Patmos Island as a popular tourist destination has the entire necessary infrastructure to be an ideal place for your holidays. Enjoy your tour with

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Patmos island Chora

Patmos Island Chora and St John Monastery

A complete Guide of Patmos Island Beaches

Patmos is an island with intense formation as a result many bays and smaller coves as well as many beautiful beaches were created along its shores. You can find a beach on Patmos Island even in the Port of Skala, for those who do not like more

Patmos Island Sightseeing

Patmos Island can be considered as a whole a great attraction. We present to you in detail all the sights of Patmos Island with valid articles and original photographs. Patmos Island has mainly only two kinds of more

Patmos Island Towns & Villages

Patmos Island is a small island with an intense terrain. Historically the residential character of Patmos Island was defined by the Monastery of St. John the Theologian as the whole island belonged under the property of the more

Patmos Island Historical Town (also known as Chora in Greek)

Patmos Town is completely unlike anything you are used to as a settlement in the Aegean. Certainly there is beautiful countryside on all the Greek Islands, but the countryside of Patmos Island is different. First of all the center of more

Information on where to find Rooms to Let on Patmos Island

Patmos has a variety of rooms to let and apartments that can cover the needs of every visitor. Rooms to rent can be found in every town of the island. So, depending on the place you choose to stay on the island, you will be able to more

Patmos Island Hotels Accommodation

Patmos island has excellent hotels. Especially during the last couple of years Patmos has managed to develop in such a way, that today there is a plethora of remarkable hotels adding to the already high level of professinalism the island' more

Patmos Island Holidays

Holidays on Patmos Island is certainly a special experience. Patmos Island has all the characteristics of a classic Aegean Island, but with a very special character. Patmos Island has many beautiful beaches, excellent more

Patmos the Island of the Apocalypse

During the reign of Emperor Domitian of the Roman Empire, John the Evangelist, the beloved disciple of Jesus Christ, was exiled from Ephesus (where he had been preaching Christianity) to Patmos more

Revelation English Text

Revelation English Text in many official versions. I, John, your brother and partner in hardships, in the kingdom and in perseverance in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos on account of the Word of God and of witness to Jesus; it was the Lord's Day and I was in more

Holy Monastery of St. John the Theologian on Patmos Island

The Holy Monastery of Patmos was founded by Holy Christodoulos. During the reign of Arabic influence, Patmos Island was almost a deserted island. In 1088 a gifted and educated monk called Christodoulos otherwise known as ‘Latrinos’ more

Holy Christodoulos of Patmos Island

The founder of the Monastery of Patmos Island was born in Nice of Bithynia in Asia Minor in 1020 and his name was originally John. His parents Theodore and Anna were devout Christians and little John was brought up with the ideals of more

Patmos Island Weddings

All the Greek Islands are the ideal backdrop for your Wedding. Patmos Island has a further advantage especially for religious weddings of Orthodox Christians. Your wedding on Patmos Island will really be different from what you can more

Patmos Island Restaurants

On the island of Patmos you can find excellent restaurants and tavernas almost everywhere on the island. Certainly Skala and the Town of Patmos (Chora) have got the supremacy. But tavernas which are on the beach next to the more

Meloi Restaurant - Cafe Patmos

The restaurant - tavern - cafe "Meloi" is my favourite restaurant in Patmos. It is a restaurant which serves traditional Greek cuisine and for me was a very pleasant surprise. Meloi restaurant is a classic family business more

Where to moor your Yaught and your Sailing Boat in Patmos Island

On Patmos Island there is an excellent new Marina in the bay of Skala where you can moor your boat. It is located on the right side of the bay opposite the Port. There are convenient moorings in various more

Patmos Island Car Rentals

On Patmos Island it is easy to find a car to rent as there are several Car Rental Companies. It may be difficult to find a car in August, so be sure to make your car reservation early and not at the last more

Patmos Island Studios to Let

In Patmos you can rent a studio instead of a simple single room. The advantages of a rented studio are that they usually come with a fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare all the meals of the day from more

Patmos Island in Greece

Do not forget that Patmos Island is located in Greece. So in addition to the useful General Information about Patmos Island, we give you some information more