Patmos Island Room to Let

Information on where to find Rooms to Let on Patmos Island

Patmos has a variety of rooms to let and apartments that can cover the needs of every visitor. Rooms to rent can be found in every town of the island. So, depending on the place you choose to stay on the island, you will be able to find the perfect room for you to rent.


Rooms to let starting from 25 EUR per day, Apartments to let starting from 30 EUR per day. For information - Reservations Tel. +30 22470 33030 - Mob. +30 697 4566996 E-mail:

Loukakia Apartments : Tel: +30 6975 815264 Email:

Patmos Island Suzannas Rooms to Let Tel. +302247033030-Mob. +306974566996

Eleftherias Place Studios Tel: Eleftheria Chatzinikolaou – Evgenikou Tel: +30 6974869368 - +30 6943973913 E-mail:

Patmos Island Room to Let

You can find simple rooms ,or rooms that provide every comfort, like a kitchen. The choices are plenty, suitable for any taste and budget. On Patmos, rooms can be found in Chora, Skala,the port,as well as in the other little towns of the island,seaside or not.

In Skala, where there are many rooms, there is the main area and the quieter neighbourhoods: Merikas, Chochlakas, Netia, if you'd rather stay somewhere peaceful in stead of the center of the island. In order to help you choose your room with ease, and always based on our experience, we suggest some great rooms to let below.

Patmos island Suzanna's Rooms to let

Patmos Suzanna's rooms to let is a small family local business with see view rooms for rent. The rooms are located in a quiet neighborhood of Skala Patmos Port just 700 meters from the center. Furnished with modern style and fully equipped to more

Loukakia Apartments to let - Patmos Island

Loukakia Apartments and House are located in a great location on the island of Patmos. In a quiet environment overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, just 1.5 km from Skala, the port of more

Patmos Island Eleftherias Place Studios to let

Eleftheria's Place studios are located in one of Patmos' quietest neighbourhoods, Merikas. Three gorgeous studios, decorated in the traditional style of the island of Patmos, promise to offer you an unforgettable more