Patmos Island Holidays

Holidays in Patmos island. Why choose Patmos Island for your Holiday

Holidays on Patmos Island is certainly a special experience. Patmos Island has all the characteristics of a classic Aegean Island, but with a very special character. Patmos Island has many beautiful beaches, excellent landscapes inland and in the coastal areas and all the modern facilities required by the traveller who wants to take his holiday on the island.

Patmos Island Holidays

At the same time Patmos Island has the unique property of being one of the two places in the world where God's voice was heard. Thanks to the Cave of the Apocalypse and the Monastery of St. John the Divine in Patmos Town (Chora) which are identified more or less by historical and also the modern character of the island. Patmos Island is a spiritual lighthouse in the Aegean Sea which radiates across the world.

The architecture of Patmos Island is unique. Apart from Patmos Town (Chora) that is purely a medieval settlement surrounding the fortified Monastery, the architecture of the other settlements has been influenced by many styles and gives a distinct identity on the island. You will not find Extreme nightlife on Patmos Island, so if you prefer this kind of Holiday you may prefer to go to another island. However, there are several choices for nightlife; there are bars with good music in different genres and also two beach bars, while eating out at tavernas and restaurants around the island is excellent.

I love Patmos Island. Whenever I spend my Holiday on Patmos Island -and as you can see I have been there several times – I have left feeling refreshed and with a clear mind, with the best memories and pictures of the island, always looking forward to the next time that I have the opportunity to visit it again. I hope your own holiday on Patmos Island leaves you with the same feeling.

A personal view about Holidays on Patmos Island by Dimitris Asithianakis